Producers: Diane Hess and Patti Kasper
Director: Amy Spaulding Heuring
Vocal Director: Elizabeth Gibson
Choreographor: Ashley Nowak
Conductor: Mike Gordon

Show Dates

November 2, 3, 9, 10, 2012 at 8:00 PM
November 4, 2012 at 3:00 PM


Fassett Auditorium, 3025 Starr Avenue, Oregon, OH 43616

A down-on-his-luck Broadway producer and his mild-mannered accountant come up with a scheme to produce the most notorious flop in history thereby bilking their backers out of millions of dollars. Only one thing goes awry: the show is a smash hit! The antics of Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom as they maneuver their way fecklessly through finding a show, hiring a director, raising the money and finally going to prison for their misdeeds is a lesson in broad comic construction. At the core of the insanely funny adventure is a poignant emotional journey of two very different men who become friends.

Book By Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan
Music and Lyrics By Mel Brooks

Cast List

Ticket Taker – Lori Bee
Usherettes – Tammy Halay
Nancy Ice
Sophisticated Theatre Goers – Glen Ackerman, Tom Hage, Sue Krecioch, Autumn Krontz, Luanne Okoneski, Dianna Reamsnyder, Jim Shea, Jacob Thompson, Ann Weis, Dawn Yard
Workman – Denny Carothers
Max Bialystock – Reed Reamsnyder
Blind Violinist – Megan Ottney
Cop – Don Dauer
Newspaper Vendor – Robert Mullens
Bag Ladies – Amy Carpenter, Lois Sommers
A Bum – Jeff Smith
Nuns – Cheri Deal, Tonia Gaborik, Madalyn Knotts, Ann Sommers
Street Cleaners – Kevin Harrington, Reed K. Steele
Street Walker – Lindsay Rankin
Gangster – Austin Morrin
Leo Bloom – Trent Dorner
Hold Me-Touch Me – Ann Weis
Mr. Marks – Tom Hage
Accountants – Glen Ackerman, Denny Carothers, Don Dauer, Kevin Harrington, Austin Morrin, Robert Mullens, Jeff Smith, Reed K. Steele
Chorus Girls – Tammy Halay, Nancy Ice, Madalyn Knotts, Megan Ottney, Lindsay Rankin
Not You – Ann Sommers
Franz Liebkind – Matt Hoffer
Roger Debris – Ron Davis
Carmen Ghia – Jacob Thompson

Roger’s Gay Design Team
Bryan – Robert Mullens
Kevin – Kevin Harrington
Scott – Jeff Smith
Shirley – Lois Sommers
Sabu – Austin Morrin
Policeman – Don Dauer
Sailor – Denny Carothers
Indian – Reed K. Steele
Ulla Svanson – Ashley Nowak
Little Old Ladies – Lori Bee, Amy Carpenter, Cheri Deal, Tonia Gaborik, Tammy Halay, Nancy Ice, Madalyn Knotts, Sue Krecioch, Autumn Krontz, Megan Ottney, Lindsay Rankin, Ann Sommers, Lois Sommers, Dawn Yard
Lick Me-Bite Me – Luanne Okoneski
Kiss Me-Feel Me – Dianna Reamsnyder
Pianist – Ann Sommers
Jack – Robert Mullens
Donald – Kevin Harrington
Jason – Don Dauer
Bavarian Chorus – Lori Bee, Denny Carothers, Tonia Gaborik, Tom Hage, Autumn Krontz, Robert Mullens, Luanne Okoneski, Dianna Reamsnyder, Jim Shea, Jeff Smith, Ann Sommers, Lois Sommers, Ann Weis, Dawn Yard
Stormtrooper – Glenn Ackerman
Follies Girls – Amy Carpenter, Cheri Deal, Sue Krecioch, Lindsay Rankin
Nazi Chorus – Don Dauer, Tammy Halay, Kevin Harrington, Nancy Ice, Madalyn Knotts, Austin Morrin, Megan Ottney, Reed K. Steele
Sergeant – Jim Shea
O’Rourke – Don Dauer
O’Riley – Austin Morrin
Prison Guard – Reed K. Steele
Judge – Jeff Smith
Foreman Of The Jury – Denny Carothers
Convicts – Don Dauer, Kevin Harrington, Austin Morrin, Reed K. Steele
Prison Trustee – Glen Ackerman


Woodwinds – Dave Romer
Keyboard – Ann Klewer
Synthesizer – Tom Szor
Percussion – Ray Roods
Piano – Kim Padley

Production Team

Stage Manager – Renee Harrington
Costumes – Cast
Lighting Design – Kevin Harrington
Lights – Dawn Yard
Sound Design – Keith Klewer, Tim Yard
Sound – Tim Yard
Set Design – Jeff Smith, Tim Yard
Set Construction and Painting – Lori Bee, Don Dauer, Tammy Halay, Kevin Harrington, Renee Harrington, Dan Sifuentes, Jeff Smith, Leah Smith, Reed Steele, Dawn Yard, Tim Yard
Stage Crew – Renee Harrington, Jason Knotts, Tom Trease
Prompter – Susan Kreioch
Props – Carol Foley
Tickets – Roxie Mlynek
Make-Up – Marlene Guy
Concessions – Marcia Hayes
House Manager – Patti Kasper
Program – Krystle King
Publicity – Marla Wietrzykowski
First Nighter Appreciation – Dianne Davis
Photographer – Tonia Gaborik

Produced through special arrangement with
Concord Theatricals
250 W. 57th Street 6th Floor
New York, NY 10107-0102
(866) 979-0447