Producers: Michelle Lott and Maureen Maag
Director: Beth Giller
Music Director: Kim Padley
Chorographer: Heather Klatt

Show Dates

July 14-16, 2016 at 7:00 PM


Fassett Auditorium, 3025 Starr Avenue, Oregon, OH 43616

When James is sent by his conniving aunts to chop down their old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion that grows a tremendous peach, rolls into the ocean and launches a journey of enormous proportions. James befriends a collection of singing insects that ride the giant piece of fruit across the ocean, facing hunger, sharks and plenty of disagreements along the way.

Book by Timothy Allen McDonald
Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Based on the book “James and the Giant Peach” by Roald Dahl

Cast List

James – Ethan Ackerman, Gabe Omlor
Ladahlord – Katie Giller, Macey Przybylski
Ladybug – Alex Manthey, Chloe Strong
Grasshopper – Andy Kessler, Jackson Strong
Spider – Elisia Ackerman, Zoe Cross-Nelms
Earthworm – Kody Kramer, Tom Staudinger
Centipede – Adam Buck, Isaac Hoffer
Glowworm – Solana Fry, Lilly Porter
Spiker – Hannah Buck
Sponge – Peyton Burnor, Lainey Davis
Matron Nurse – Sierra Bronowski, Tatiana Kovach
Ladybug Puppeteer – Katie Clark
Grasshopper Puppeteer – Garrett St. John
Spider Puppeteer – Macy Strauss
Earthworm Puppeteer – Theo Porter
Centipede Puppeteer – Carson Snyder
Glowworm Puppeteer – Jordan Silva
Mr. Trotter – Trenton Moore
Mrs. Trotter – Sarah Freck
Billy Bobby-Cop – Evan Thompson
Bobby Bobby-Cop – Grant Bruns
Karl Kreatour – Brock Stuller
Passing Man – Chase Flanagan
Man With Wallet – Tyler Yard
Passing Woman – Paige Pasztor
Doreen Driggles – Ellie Demaria
Violet Funkschmeller – Becca Mcgath
Ridgely Rapscallion – Savanna Large
Chris Cryermouth – Vinny Kendrioski
Ida Walters – Hannah Wolfe
Bitsy Botana – Zoie Sime
Buzz – Dominic Maletich
Willy Wonka – Brendan Strong
Screaming Women – Delanie Jahns, Reagan Niese
Jake – Kaden Rife
Joe – Alex Rife
Lucille Van Kloogelstein – Bella Sekinger
Bunny Mackenzie The Third – Katie Jo Adams
Zoo Crowd – Allison Fellman, Chase Flanagan, Delanie Jahns, Emily Lott, Dominic Maletich, Paige Mayberry, Bella Mazza, Reagan Niese, Alex Rife, Kaden Rife, Adelyn Rugg, Jadyn Sime, Brendan Strong, Brock Stuller, Tyler Yard
Vagrants – Katie Jo Adams, Nathan Agler, Katie Clark, Lilly Dalton, Ellie Demaria, Ava Gargac, Vinny Kendrioski, Alanna Kyer, Dominic Kyer, Allie Laplante, Graceyn Laplante, Savanna Large, Piper Mayberry, Becca Mcgath, Carson Snyder, Clara Steele, Grant Thiel, Addison Witek, Sydney Witek
Ladies’ Garden Guild – Katie Jo Adams, Jocelyn Castor, Allison Fellman, Sarah Freck, Ava Gargac, Piper Mayberry, Brooklyn Pasztor, Adelyn Rugg, Bella Sekinger, Zoie Sime
Reporters – Sierra Bronowski, Ellie Demaria, Tatiana Kovach, Allie Laplante, Savanna Large, Becca Mcgath, Jordan Silva, Hannah Wolfe
Hollywood Agents – Nathan Agler, Grant Bruns, Chase Flanagan, Dominic Maletich, Evan Thompson, Tyler Yard
Oompa Loompas – Grant Bruns, Abigail Freck, Aubrey Hess, Madalyn Karcsak, Graceyn Laplante, Paige Mayberry, Becca Mcgath, Zoie Sime, Evan Thompson
Farm Animals – Allison Fellman, Delanie Jahns, Emily Lott, Bella Mazza, Jadyn Sime, Brock Stuller, Grant Thiel
Sharks – Jocelyn Castor, Abigail Freck, Delanie Jahns, Madalyn Karcsak, Vinny Kendrioski, Alanna Kyer, Dominic Kyer, Trenton Moore, Reagan Niese, Theo Porter, Alex Rife, Kaden Rife, Zoie Sime, Garrett St. John, Clara Steele, Brendan Strong, Addison Witek, Tyler Yard
New Yorkers – Katie Jo Adams, Nathan Agler, Chase Flanagan, Ava Gargac, Delanie Jahns, Dominic Maletich, Bella Mazza, Reagan Niese, Alex Rife, Kaden Rife, Bella Sekinger, Tyler Yard
Cruise Ensemble – Sierra Bronowski, Grant Bruns, Chase Flanagan, Tatiana Kovach, Dominic Maletich, Trenton Moore, Garrett St. John, Clara Steele, Brendan Strong, Brock Stuller, Grant Thiel, Evan Thompson, Sidney Witek

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