Produced by Roxie Mlynek

Show Dates

February 8-9 & 15-16, 2008 at 8:00 PM
February 17, 2008 at 3:00 PM


Fassett Auditorium, 3025 Starr Avenue, Oregon, OH 43616

Deliver Us Not! (or, Birth, Where Is Thy Sting)

Comedy by Lee Howard and Greg Gamble
Directed by Lisa Gordon

Three fetuses sharing a womb debate the possibilities of life-after-birth, trying to come to terms with their impending due-date. This festival-winning, easy-to-stage crowd-pleaser combines witty palaver and thought-provoking banter to form a marriage of mirth and meaning. The characters represent a trio of philosophies, including an atheist fetus who is convinced that “you’re conceived, you live, you’re born and that’s it! There’s nothing after birth!” Another fetus, seeing his time in the womb as a cosmic deception, propounds the notion that once he passes through the birth canal he’ll be at one with the universe and free of all pain, discomfort and fear. Of course, we know better. And so does the last fetus, who takes a sane, sober, wait-and-see approach to the next world. Taking to task such topics as atheism, warm-fuzzy-new-age sophisms, and pompous poetry, Deliver Us Not! juggles it all with impudent wit and subtle subtext.

Cast List

Jephlebhezzertorquin – Tara Adams
Gestrustlegorbencastobuzzle – Kevin Harrington
Sheshellmeftyhorbenrence – Jeff Smith

The Soon to be In-Laws

Written by Courtney Imbery
Directed by Don Dauer

Bailey and Samuel have come to Sam’s parents home for a Hanukkah dinner, but Samuel’s mother, Abigail, has her talons sharpened for her first meeting with the non-Jewish fiancée of her beloved , and smothered, son . Samuel’s father, Dennis, has been into the wine a bit too much and the evening progresses rapidly downhill in the hilarious, and touching, comedy.

Cast List

Dennis – Don Dauer
Abigail – Renee Harrington
Samuel – Bill Brown
Bailey – Jessica Land

When GOD Comes For Breakfast You Don’t Burn The Toast

Written by Gary Apple
Directed by Carol Foley

What do you do when “The Almighty” drops in for a casual breakfast? When Harry and Beatrice Katzman are faced with this, the commonplace and the totally unexpected, a visit from God come together in a flurry of humor and excitement. The play points out that sometimes good things happen and we do not even recognize them because they are not dramatic. This intriguing and entertaining theatrical experience is guaranteed to leave you feeling exhilarated.

Cast List

Harry Katzman – Ron Davis
Beatrice Katzman – Cheryl Tanner
God – Ronnie Tanner