Produced by Glen Hamilton
Directed by Bob Stucker
Musical Director: Chuck Neal
Adult Vocal Director: Elizabeth Gibson
Children Vocal Director: Allison Krzyminski
Choreographer: Darrah Nowak

Show Dates

October 31-November 1 & 7-8, 2003 at 8:00 PM
November 9, 2003 at 3:00 PM


Fassett Auditorium, 3025 Starr Avenue, Oregon, OH 43616

Since its publication in September 1900, The Wizard of Oz has become America’s greatest and best-beloved homegrown fairytale. It is one of the most read children’s books and has engendered a long series of sequels, stage plays, musicals, movies, and TV shows. The Oz story has become a classic because it blends elements of traditional magic, such as witches, with ones of the early twentieth-century American reality, such as a Kansas cyclone, a scarecrow, and a man made of tin. Despite its many particularly American attributes, including a wizard from Omaha, it has universal appeal, demonstrated by numerous translations and dramatizations. Come with us to the land of Oz as we join in the fantasy of the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Toto and Dorothy all trying to obtain their own desires.

Written by L. Frank Baum

Cast List

Dorothy – Kate McComb
Toto – Abby
Auntie Em – Cheryl Deal
Uncle Henry – Reed Reamsnyder
Zeke/Cowardly Lion – Jacob Donley
Hunk/Tin Man – Eric Collier
Hickory/Scarecrow – Ron Davis
Miss Almira Gulch/Wicked Witch – Cindy McComb
Professor Marvel/Wizard – Brian Dauer
Oz Guard – Jeff Smith
Glinda the Good Witch – Kelly Haskins
Mayor – Robert Lynn
Coroner – Maggie Kesling
Barrister – Drew Kesling
City Fathers – Amelia Wood, C.J. Moore
Lullaby League – Sierra Webb, Emily Hagdohl, Kiersten Holman
Lollipop Guild – Brandon Rodriquez, Joey Kiss, Derek Gyori
Braddard – Amanda Cousino
Two Teachers – Katlyn Seimet, Samantha Keller
Crows – Andrew Harris, Josh Livecchi, Shawn Mlynek, Eric Smith
Trees – Madi Harrington, Holly Heintschel, Amanda Squires
Nikko – Kevin Harrington
Winkie General – Eric Smith
Monkeys – Ross Ball, Matt Large, Josh Livecchi, Drew Kesling

Walter Adler, Kennadie Baldwin, Sara Breier, Trent Cook, Jaclyn Fields, Jillian Harrington, Bridget Harrington, Kathryn Kellar, Chenoa Knakiewicz, Kelsie Palmer, Jillian Perlaky, Rachel Reed, Anita Trevino, Erin Wood, Ross Ball

Renee Harrington, Madi Harrington, Holly Heintschel, Tammy Haley, Erin Laurell, Julie Katschke, Amanda Squires, Kayla Giovanoli, Sarah Gale, Diane Reamsnyder, Tonia Gaborik, Chelsea Adler

Ross Ball, Tonia Gaborik, Sarah Gale, Kayla Giovanoli, Tammy Haley, Kevin Harrington, Renee Harrington, Madi Harrington, Bridget Harrington, Maggie Kesling, Drew Kesling, Andrew Harris, Holly Heintschel, Julie Katschke, Matt Large, Erin Laurell, Stacy Lavecchi, Josh Lavecchi, Shawn Mlynek, Diane Reamsnyder, Eric Smith, Amanda Squires, Kari Stausmire, Chelsea Adler

Ross Ball, Bridget Harrington, Maggie Kesling, Drew Kesling, Shawn Mlynek, Amanda Squires, Kari Stausmire, Chelsea Adler

Andrew Harris, Josh Livecchi, Shawn Mlynek, Reed Reamsnyder, Jeff Smith, Tim Hicks, C. J. Moore, Joe Kiss


Anne Hendrix, Karla Barthelomey, Tom Ritter, Debra Evans, Dave Roemer, James Nowak, Lloyd Lewis, Mark Padley, Dave McClellan, Ray Woods, Michelle Park

Production Crew

Stage Manager – Lisa Gordon
Rehearsal Pianist – Michelle Park
Costumes – Dreamweavers
Stage Crew – Matt Medina, Joe Kiss, Dawn Yard, Donna Hall, Don Selleck, Jacob Richards, Reed Reamsnyder, Bob Stausmire, Kevin Harrington
Flying Crew Chief – Mike Gordon
Flying Crew – Don Dauer, Tim Yard, Matt Medina, Joe Kiss

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