Show Dates

March 2-4, 1995


Fassett Auditorium, 3025 Starr Avenue, Oregon, OH 43616

Mortimer Brewster has finally decided to tie the knot, and is visiting his two dear, sweet maiden aunts, and his brother who’s convinced he’s Teddy Roosevelt. Mortimer is just about to go to the theater with his fiancé Elaine when he finds… a dead body! To his surprise, the body is only one of a dozen lonely drifters poisoned by his aunts. To make matters worse, Mortimer’s other brother Jonathan, a fugitive from justice, arrives at the house and finds it an excellent place to hide a corpse for which he is responsible. How will Mortimer keep Elaine from finding out and his aunts out of prison? Is Mortimer doomed to share his family’s insanity?

By Joseph Kesselring

Produced by special arrangement with
Dramatists Play Service
440 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016